The what, why & how of aluminum oxide dewpoint moisture sensor technology
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The what, why & how of aluminum oxide dewpoint moisture sensor technology

 Aluminum moisture sensors, also known as ceramic sensors or moisture oxide sensors, are used to measure moisture in air and gases.

Though the underlying principle is of this sensor used in dew point transmitters is the same, the actual construction of the sensor varies widely from one manufacturer to another. The construction build of the aluminum moisture sensor is critical to the performance and reliability of dew point transmitter systems in field operations as it helps create alerts for temperature moisture stability and sensitivity.

Manufacturers use different materials like thin film technology, ceramic and silicon sensing technology to manufacture ceramic sensors. However, they use catchy marketing phrases to demonstrate their technical competence but what displays its true competence is the performance and stability of the product in the field.

Technological advancements

Though considered an old technology, the availability of new materials and production techniques have led to more robust ceramic sensors that are resistant to sudden changes in pressure. For example, ceramic transmitters are now able to measure dew-point at pressures up to 350 barg which surpasses the standard for gas pipelines which operate at pressures between 14 and 100 barg.

However, residual moisture still poses a problem as it can cause damage to the systems and contaminate the end product. Dew point is still considered the ideal instrument for measuring residual moisture.

Dewpoint Transmitters in UAE

Alpha Moisture Systems dew point analyzers & transmitters

The Alpha Moisture Systems series of dew point analyzers and transmitters are considered one of the most accurate and stable aluminum oxide-based systems. A wide range of models are available including portable instruments, multi-channel on-line instruments, single point monitors and transmitters.

The dew point sensors from Alpha Moisture Systems is constructed using aluminium wire. The surface of the wire is chemically oxidised to produce porous insulating layer of partially hydrated aluminium oxide. This makes the sensor response resistant to many contaminants and specific to changes in water vapour, regardless of the matrix gas.

Moreover, the sensor covers a wide dew point volume range from 0.001 to 0.2 ppm, has an independent flow and stable temperature coefficients. It is capable of operating in a wide range of temperature and pressure and requires little or no maintenance.

Emphor IPS

Considered a trusted instrumentation partner, Emphor IPS is a supplier for Alpha Moisture and other leading brands in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE and offers solutions in pipeline flow measurement, flare metering, gas process monitoring system, emission monitoring system, field instrumentation and control and system integration.



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