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+971 4 883 0233 Sun - Thu 08:00 - 5:30 MB06, RA08, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai , UAE
+971 2 6765979 Sun - Thu 08:00 - 5:30 P.O. Box : 33719, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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HeliflutM TZN

The HELIFLU™ TZN Flowmeter is designed for high accuracy measurement of liquids : from very light LPG
products to heavy crude oil. The advanced design and  robust construction together with a wide range of available options enable the HELIFLUTM TZN Flowmeter to be used in the most severe environmental
& process conditions.


Key Technological Features
• Wide measurement range up to 15:1 turndown ratio,
• Low pressure drop & back pressure,
• Innovative design of helical profile,
• Simple, robust construction,
• Titanium rotor,
• Excellent resistance to corrosion, high pressures & temperature changes,
• Insensitivity to density changes,
• Low sensitivity to viscosity changes,
• Optional designs for low temperature and high wax / contaminants applications

Key Customer Advantages
• Custody transfer accuracy,
• High stability & reliability,
• Low energy consumption,
• Wide range of viscosities,
• Linearity suitable for multi-product measurement,
• Low cost of ownership, Simplified maintenance,
• Long service life : up to 100,000h MTBF,
• Use for dirty crude oil applications,
• Use for master metering calibration.

High Accuracy Flowmeters

  • The HELIFLU™ TZN Flowmeters meet International Measurement Standards.
  • The HELIFLUTM TZN Flowmeters meet API and OIML Recommendations for Custody Transfer Applications.
  • The HELIFLU™ TZN Flowmeter rangeability is higher than 10:1.
  • The HELIFLUTM TZN Flowmeters cover a wide range of viscosities from 0.1 to more than 600 cSt.
  • The HELIFLUTM TZN Flowmeters are calibrated on in-house internationally recognized benches on real hydrocarbons

Ambient temperature range                                     -50 to +80°C (-58 to +176°F)
Process temperature range                                       -50 to +180°C (-58 to +356°F)
Storage temperature                                                   -50 to +60°C (-58 to +140°F)
Climatic protection                                                       IP 66


Ex ia version (with coil &/or preamp)                     Compatible with installation in Zones 1 & 2 Group II G
Ex d version (with coil &/or preamp)                      Compatible with installation in Zones 1 & 2 Group II G

Meter size                                                                    0.5 to 20”
Flange Rating                                                             ANSI 150/300/600/900/1500/2500
Meter body material                                                 Carbon steel, stainless steel (other upon request)                                      Flange material                                                          Carbon steel, stainless steel
Rotor material                                                            Titanium or Aluminium
Bearings material                                                      Tungsten carbide or graphite
Options                                                                        Body & flanges in low temperature carbon steel,
Duplex stainless steel
NORSOK compliant (on request)

Accuracy                                                                     ± 0.15 %
Repeatability                                                             ± 0.02 %
Max. flow rate                                                           0.6 to 6000 m3/h
Viscosity range                                                          0.1 to 350 cSt (higher upon request)

Electrical options
Pick-up coil                                                                1 or 2
Pick-up coil + preamp.                                            Available
Pick-up coil + remote preamp.                              Available
Local converter                                                         Available
Pick-up-coil + preamp. + pulse multiplier         Available

Electrical                                                                     ATEX (94/09/EC) compliant / IECEx (Ex d) certified
Pressure                                                                      PED (97/23/EC) compliant
Environment                                                              EMC (2004/108/EC) compliant
Metrology                                                                   OIML R117-1 / MID 2004/22/EC (class 0.3) and other national